How to do it

Evidence can be provided using any device that records the distance you have undertaken on your training days, throughout the month. It can be either an application on your mobile phone or an athletic/smart watch.

If the abovementioned options are not available to you, do not worry! You can download the following spreadsheet and populate it accordingly. Please maintain your records and try to update it regularly; this will help you track your progress.

The same spreadsheet can be used for all KIDS virtual self-competitions…there is no need to use a watch or mobile application for your kid(s). Parents should keep a record on behalf of their kid(s).

Alternative Option: if you prefer an alternative way to record and log the distance of your activity/ies, we will accept it as long as it is neat and clear.

In any case the title of your file should be as follows: e.g. George.Smith – 01.2020 (Name.Surname – MM.YYYY)

We believe that since you will register with us, you understand the purpose and meaning of promoting such activities and challenges. We trust that athletes who respect themselves are sincere and honest with their submitted records. It is a personal race and we are here to congratulate you and keep you motivated providing you with our impressive medal.

Records to be submitted on [email protected]. If you experience any difficulties to upload and/or provide your evidence please contact us.