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This website aims to keep you motivated, train you, help you discover your limits and make you compete with yourself, the only unforeseen rival that most people do not challenge.

At “Compete with Yourself”, we want to create a community with people who are already active, but also with people who need a motive to keep up and either encourage them to continue or make a strong start. We are here to encourage you to carry on and on and on…

…if you want to make every single effort of run, walk, cycle or swim count and get rewarded, sign up on the following virtual self-competitions and keep on training to achieve your goals; which can be either to complete one or more of our challenges or an external competition. In any case, the winner will always be you!

This is not a single race. Get ready for lengthy self-competitions that are here for everyone, no matter the gender, age and level of fitness.

Become stronger than your tedious whispering voice, telling you that this competition is a waste of time and not for you…prove it wrong. Self-satisfaction and self-esteem guaranteed at the end of your accomplishment(s).

So…every calendar month, we encourage everyone to register and complete their challenge.  Once registered, commence recording and tracking your distance until you reach the one selected. You only have a calendar month to prove yourself (and us too!) that you have succeeded. Guess what…upon completion of your virtual challenge, you will receive an impressive medal for all the effort and time you have spent, committed to this self-competition.


It’s simple and quick!

It’s simple and quick! Follow the 3 steps below and you are ready to go!

Step 1: Choose the category of your virtual challenge;

Step 2: Select any predefined distance you aim to complete;

Step 3: Complete the electronic form and payment.

You can register at any time during the month, as long as you keep your records for evidence.

Approximately 7 days prior to the virtual self-competition deadline, you will receive an email from us to submit your evidence. For details, please click on the following link.